Top 3 reasons why your GoPro 7, 8, 9 or 10 is freezing repeatedly! How to Fix GoPro Freezing issue?

By anonymous
13 November, 2022
1 year ago
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In GoPro freezing is one of the most irritating and destroying moments of all, because when you’ll be climbing a mountain or doing a bungee jump or you’re riding a motorbike or bikes or shooting an important scene then obviously you don’t want your camera to get frozen. At some points, all GoPro users faced this issue once or multiple times. If you’re still facing the same freezing issue in your GoPro Hero7 or Hero8 or Hero9 or any version then this article is for you.

gopro hero freeze issue fix

GoPro is one of the most compact action cameras of all. So, there is very less scope for customizing the features externally. GoPro cameras can get frozen for multiple reasons. But among all the possible phenomena there are three (3) most common factors which may affect your camera while shooting 4K UHD videos or full HD videos at higher frame rates. Your GoPro may freeze constantly due to-

  • Memory card:  Memory or SD (Small disk) cards are one type of miniature storage system which helps you to store different types of data such as audio, video, pictures, and docs. There are numerous types of memory cards are found in the market. But among them, only a few are recommended for GoPro. Memory cards that have faster read and write speeds are only compatible with GoPro cameras. There are multiple types of ratings in memory cards found in memory cards these days.

gopro recommended memory cards

But you will have to select one that has the fastest read/write speed so that when you’re recording a 4K UHD video it can store the video footage in a faster way otherwise your camera may freeze and stop recording right at that point. i.e.: If you’re recording a video that generates 70MB/s (variable speed depends on the scene, color, frame rates, etc) and you inserted a memory card that can write up to 60MB/s then it may able to record for a few seconds or minutes but in some point t it’ll not be able to store anymore due to mismatch of the writing speed. So, you better get a memory card that can top your GoPro’s maximum settings. GoPro published several articles on this issue and they have also recommended several memory cars with compatible ratings. If we can mention a few of the names then these will be our recommended list will be:

  1. SanDisk 256GB Extreme microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card - Buy on Amazon
  2. Amazon Basics microSDXC Memory Card- Buy on Amazon
  3. SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO® microSD™ UHS-I Card- Buy on Amazon
  4. Lexar Professional 1066x 256GB MicroSDXC UHS-I Card- Buy on Amazon
  5. SAMSUNG PRO Plus + Adapter 256GB microSDXC Up to 160MB/s UHS-I, U3, A2, V30, Full HD & 4K UHD Memory Card- Buy on Amazon
  • Battery: The battery is one of the most important factor factors in GoPro cameras that we all avoid. This is the issue that I faced personally. While recording, you will notice the camera just freezes automatically if the battery percentage goes below a certain percentage. We all know that GoPro batteries are one of the most expensive power packs of all time. A single piece of battery cost around $20 or more depending on the different regions. But at the same time, you can get a Chinese cheaper one for only $8-10.

gopro genuine battery vs clone

Technically it works for a few days, but you will notice in your GoPro a dialogue saying “Please use GoPro official battery” or something like that. What happens, when you use clone batteries from unnamed companies, it may power up your devices but to run a powerful action camera like GoPro you better supply adequate power to the camera, you need to make sure the camera is getting a sufficient amount of power when recording videos at a higher resolution or higher bit rate otherwise it won’t withstand and will freeze during recording. In my case, I have seen my GoPro just used to freeze multiple times when recording a video at 4K@30fps or even at 1080p@60fps. After reaching to certain battery percentage it can’t record anymore and it freezes.

gopro hero8 price in bangladesh

Then I switched to a newer battery pack which is a genuine GoPro battery for Hero8 and it just worked perfectly fine. So, I would recommend you guys do the same, even though the price is a bit higher still you will have to use genuine batteries.

  • Firmware update or version update: This is less found issues if fewer GoPro but not avoidable at all. In a few GoPro versions it has been observed that the operating system got bugs or issues. To fix that you will have to upgrade the firmware of the software to get the latest version installed in your GoPro.

gopro camera firmware update

gopro camera firmware update camera version

To do it correctly just follow the steps shown on the official GoPro site:

So, I guess any one of the mentioned tips will work for you as well. If still not fixed then visit a official GoPro service center nearby. Because unskilled hands can destroy the waterproof cushion and may cause other dmage in the camera.