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SpecDecoder is an online, information-based website where you'll find information on different electronic gadgets and gears, mostly specifications and features of cellular devices. You can find the specifications of mobile devices along with current international prices and prices in Bangladesh. All the information you'll find on this website are not guaranteed 100% authentic but majority of the information is obtained from official and trusted sources. Also, you can read the latest blogs, news updates and articles on tech. SpecDecoder also provides solid reviews on mobile devices after proper testing and hands-on experience.

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Rumored devices: Rumored Device section will help you get in touch with phones which are about to come in the near future or the leaks which have been fetched from trusted industry insiders. Sometimes, devices that are declared and about to arrive shortly by their perspective company might also take place on the rumored section.

A few times, future devices which are predicted by any individual entity or company might also be seen in the rumored section. Devices that could be the successor of the previous model might use the thumbnail or picture or could have the same specification as the previous, in that case, the used model no. or additional information will be mentioned in the new one. From the rumored section, devices might get transferred to released, discontinued, or canceled categories depending on the update.