Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.1.: Do you sell phones?
Ans.: No. Neither we do sell any sort of devices or gadgets nor do we have any outlets for showcase purposes. SpecDecoder only provides information which is obtained from the official website of perspective electronic devices. You may find affiliations on different electronic products. SpecDecoder doesn't provide quality certification for any of the affiliated item.

Q.2: Do you provide any repair services?
Ans.: No. we don’t, neither we posses any plan like that.

Q.3: Why some information is missing from the site (glossary/tech terms, spec page, blogs, or reviews)?
Ans.: In case you encounter any issue, please feel free to let us know what issue exactly you’re facing on the platform, one of our representatives from dev. team will reach out to you with haste. Email us at You can point out the issue, explain it to us or send us a screenshot as well; our web dev. team will inspect the matter immediately and provide you the best possible solution.

Q.4: Where SpecDecoder is located?
Ans.: On the Internet.

Q.5: Where can I buy the smart phone at a cheap rate?
Ans.: Please take a look at your nearby stores. Also, you can find a lot of offers and discounts on the internet, but wherever you get your phone from, make sure to buy authentic devices.

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Q.6: Where do you get the device’s information, why should I trust you?
Ans.: We obtain device information and technical specification from their perspective owner or manufacturer. Sometimes, you may find rumored information which will be mentioned or stated on the spec sheet or page. Most of the time, it happens for upcoming/rumored devices of any brand.

Q.7: Why can’t I find the device in local markets or online shopping sites that I found on your site?
Ans.: On every spec page you’ll find a parameter named Availability. Under that section, you may find multiple options such as Yes, No, Discontinued, Rumored, etc. You’ll only find those devices officially if there is availability. Otherwise, if it is discontinued / not available / rumored then there is very little possibility or no possibility at all to find these devices. Also, it is true that sometimes you won’t find the device in the local market even though SpecDecoder is saying Avilable! It also depends on the region and market demands.