Things to do if your phone get drenched !

By Ashiqur R.
18 March, 2022
2 years ago
4 Mins Read

Most of the people do big mistakes like trying to turn on the device immediately after sinking their phones into water. Is it okay or if not then what should exactly we do if a non water resistant mobile device sunk in the water, we’ll know today. So, without any further delay let’s learn some essential tips.

What to do: There are some ratings for electronic devices to explain will it survive if it meets the water or not. And the rating is known as IP rating. If you don’t know what is IP rating go read this article: What is IP rating in electronic devices and why this is so important?

Now, if you don’t have water resistant mobile devices and if it gets drenched or sunk, then try to shut down the device instantly. If your battery is removable then disconnect the battery too. Now take tissue and soak all the water around of it. Then put the device inside a rice jar full of rice. If you don’t have any rice jar then put it inside the wardrobe full of cotton clothes. If nothing is available then just take 5-6 napkin tissue and cover the entire device then put it for sometimes. It may need 2-3 hours or little more for the rice/clothes/tissue to soak all the water inside the device.

Now if you don’t have any of the things around you then just put the device in an open area where there is a good air flow and sunlight is also present.

Remember, all you gotta do is to remove all the water soaked by device. Because if water stays inside and you turn on the phone then the PCB/components may get damaged permanently and you might have to count healthy amount of money as service charge.

Hope these tips will help you a bit in time of emergency. Have a good time!