Ingress Protection: What does IP68 denotes in a mobile phone?

By Ashiqur R.
18 March, 2022
2 years ago
6 Mins Read

Once again we’re back with very essential article for those who still confused with IP rating of a mobile device. We’ll know today what does this IP rating stands for and what are the advantages of this rating for mobile devices. So, without any further delay let’s break it down.

Ratings: Usually there are tons of ratings for electronics devices out there, depending on the operation and parameter the rating varies. Some of them are really confusing for regular users as everyone in the society aren’t engineers. Still, there are some ratings which can be understood without even being an engineer. IP rating is one of them. The word IP stands for Ingress Protection (IP) and it is International Protection Standard (IEC) standard 60259. It is a protection provided by the outer chassis and electrical enclose against water, dust and accidental contact. In some easy words, this standard defines how long your device can stand still and stay un-harmed in these scenarios.

 It might sound bit noisy, right! Let’s just elaborate this thing using an example.

ip rating chart

Example: The official IP rating of iPhone 11 is IP 68. Here, there are two digits. These two digits mean two different stuffs. First one is for Solid Materials and second one is for Water.

From the chart above, it is clearly seen that, if the first digit is 6 then it denotes that no dust can enter into the chassis that means No dust ingression.

And second digit is 8, which denotes of it’s water tight characteristics against deep water for very long time. Here, also means no Water ingression inside the device. That means the device is safe from any kinds of foreign material (dust or water) ingression.

And depending on the rating there is possibility of little amount of ingression if the rating is low. Here, according to current IEC standard IP 68 is top most IP rating for any electronic/electrical devices.

So, hope from the next time, if you’re buying a phone or any other electronic/electrical devices then you’ll always keep that rating in your mind and select the rating upon your need.

That’s all for today. Have a great choosing!