Google I/O 2022: Everything to expect

By Anonymous_01
10 May, 2022
2 years ago
4 Mins Read

Google I/O is google's yearly developer conference that'll be held from May 11 to May 12 of 2022.

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Google has announced to live broadcast of the conference on their Google I/O website. And this year the conference will be held in Shoreline Amphitheater, California. People can register from the official Google I/O website to watch the conference from anywhere in the world. According to various rumors about Google I/O, we have gathered the key licks and updates of this event for you. Let's see what Google'll be offering in this year's Google I/O conference. 

Google Pixel 6A: If we see previous Google I/O events, Google usually does not release its pixel A series phones in I/O events. According to recent news covered by Andriod Authority claims that Google is changing this trend this year. And they are most likely to launch Pixel 6A in this year's Google I/O event. And the rumors say that Pixel 6A will come with a tensor chipset and identical design language to the Pixel 6 series. The price of the phone is not yet revealed but according to various sources, the price can be between $400-$500.

Google Pixel Watch: Another long-awaited and most rumored device that is expected to launch in the 2022 Google I/O event is Pixel Watch. Rumors say that this watch will come with a new version of Wear OS from Google. A story covered by 9to5Google says that Google has filled a Trademark for Pixel Watch. Hence it is almost sure that the Pixel watch is on its way to hitting the market on 11th-12th May at the Google I/O event. Another rumor claims that the price tag of the Pixel watch will be $300-$400. If this pricing turns out to be true then the Pixel watch will be a key competitor of the Apple Watch Series 7.

Android 13: As Google I/O is a developer conference, we are sure that Google'll be launching the stable version of Andriod 13. The beta version is already being released in the latest Pixel phones and it is expected to hear about the full feature set of Andriod 13 in the event. Various sources confirm that Andriod 13 will be a big focus of this event. so stay tuned with us for more updates about Android 13.