Google I/O 2022: Android 13, A multi device future!

By Anonymous_01
13 May, 2022
2 years ago
3 Mins Read
Google has officially launched Android 13 at the Google I/O 2022 conference. This year, it seems like Google has decided to create an environment for consumers, which is what Apple has been doing for many years. But unlike Apple, Google has decided to collaborate with other brands worldwide to create a multi-device environment for their consumers.


Google has made Android 13 keeping 3 big factors in focus. Let’s talk about those.


Phones: Like Android 12, Android 13 comes with a materialUI design. Google calls it adaptive UI. In Android 13 your phone would automatically tailor the app icons, notification shade, and settings matching with your phone's theme color. And this year they have a new media player where your lock screen matches with the music you’re listening to. Not only that users can now set different languages for different apps.

Android 13 also features lots of security updates this year. Google has made collaboration with worldwide brands like Samsung, Realme, Vivo, Oppo, Sony, Xiaomi, and many more to revolutionize the SMS text messaging to RCS. Now even your SMS will be end-to-end encrypted and you don’t have to worry about security!

Google believes that wallets can be replaced with phones. That’s why they have launched a new app called Google Wallet. This app has many exciting features like making payments from your google pay, storing driving licenses, IDs, certificates, digital car keys, and many more. Android 13 includes various safety features like emergency SOS, Accident alert, and Earthquake alert before the shaking has started.


Extending beyond the phones: Google believes that people not only rely on phones nowadays and the number of multidevice users has drastically increased over the last decade. So they decided to bring Andriod 13 functionalities working with phones and other devices like watches, tablets, cars, and many more. They have already launched huge upgrades to the WearOS for their new Google Pixel Watch.

Now Google wants to improve the user experience on the Tablets. Google has made a complete makeover to the Android 13 for the tablets. The notification bar, toggles, and notifications look so much better now. There is a new taskbar that sticks to the bottom to access all the apps even if a user is already in another app. Android 13 is jampacked with multitasking features.

Google will launch the new Android 13 in the latest tables like Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, Lenovo Tab P12 pro, etc.  So, finally, there is a possibility to see competition for IPads in the Tablet market.


All working seamlessly together: Now the third big scenario is all the devices like phones, watches, and tablets working great together. Google worked on sharing information securely through all your devices snd improving the Casting technology to the next level. Google has collaborated with tech brands all over the world to make casting easy and seamless.

Android 13 has Fast Pair features to pair all the devices instantly. Because of Android 13 people can now copy images and text and paste them to their tablets running on Android 13 or the Chrome Book running on ChromeOS

So, clearly, It’s a lot happening with Android 13. Looks like This year Google has made significant efforts to make a multidevice future better for users.