World's first Foldable iPhone ?

By Ariyan Mahmud
09 November, 2022
1 year ago
2 Mins Read

Is apple making a foldable phone? When will it be released? How much will iPhone Fold or Flip cost? We all have these questions in our mind. People will go crazy for a fold or flip iPhone. Industry leaders are competing to make appealing foldable devices with refined designs, improved durability and lower prices. But Apple doesn’t seem to be interested in this segment.

First Foldable iPhone

This is not an official Apple Product or leaked prototype. A Chinese youtuber/engineer (Channel: 科技美学) made that device by his own effort. End result of his 300 days effort is astonishing. This device looks natural. He named it “iPhone V” and the process almost made him quit the project multiple times. You can check the video here.

So, Will world’s first foldable iPhone bend like a Razr or Samsung Flip? The honest answer is: probably not for now. Apple is always known to arrive last in the game. There is no official confirmation from Apple about a foldable or flip iPhone.