Why should you use genuine accessories?

By Ashiqur R.
18 March, 2022
2 years ago
5 Mins Read

Why should we use always genuine products or accessories for our devices and gadgets? Is it really necessary?

Charger: First, let’s talk about chargers! The charger is one of the most important accessories for a smart phone because it supplies power to the devices. And obviously, for every electronic device, it is DC Power. But most of us don’t know much about DC, because everyone is not an engineer and doesn’t have to deal with it at all. Let me help you. For DC charging purposes, we use pure DC which has no frequency in the channel, if we see the wave shape in the oscilloscope then we’ll find a straight line like shown below. This is what is supposed to go in a mobile device or any device for charging purposes. But in order to create a smooth DC signal, the power delivering circuit should be very precise and also maintain the optimum quality. But in cheap quality chargers, they don’t follow a proper designing rule or electrical rule, as it is cheap so also the components which are used in the circuit are also cheap as well, so it can’t create pure DC signal or it is kind of look like the photo like below which is very hazardous for the device as well. So, we don’t need to compromise when choosing the chargers.

Also, the cheap charger doesn’t have so much protection feature in-built, in case of electrical hazard, the charger is supposed to save the device at first, but if it bypasses the hazard then it going to damage your phone’s hardware. In quality chargers or genuine accessories, companies provide an optimum grade of safety features along with sufficient protection features.

Power-bank: Sometimes, we use power banks for portable charging stations which works really amazing. But when choosing the brands of a power bank we must keep in mind the low-graded product can permanently damage your device and can cost you more than the price of that power bank. So, buy good quality products which are well known in the market for the reputation even if it costs more.

Data Cables: A lot of us don’t care that much when using a cable. All we care about is whether it works or not. We all are familiar with cables when charging the devices or transferring the data from one device to another. So, what happens when we’re charging the devices using a cable it should be a quality product. Because in today’s world most of the phone support Fast Charging, Quick Charging and so on. So, if the wire quality of a cable is bad then it’d not be able to deliver sufficient power to the devices and the wire could get hot, eventually, it may burn as well. So, when choosing the cable we must keep in mind the quality.

Conclusion: At all, we must keep in mind; quality products always cost more than cheap ones. So, when we’re going to buy any accessories we always should look for genuine products, to choose wisely we can depend on the available reputed brands in the market if we don’t want to lose. Still, if you’re confused with anything leave us a comment; our specialists will help you right away. Have a week!