The iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max Brings 48MP Camera, Dynamic Island Notch, The Emergency SOS via Satellite

By Ariyan Mahmud
08 September, 2022
1 year ago
3 Mins Read

So we have 4 new iPhones in the 14 lineup. There are five things we need to care about these new iPhones. Which are:

  • There is no new iPhone Mini
  • Prices are the same as it was before
  • Two brand new safety features. Car crash mode and Emergency SOS via Satellite (Hopefully you never have to use it); It will work in the US and the Canada for right now.
  • Dynamic Island (Yeah ! That’s a thing).
  • 48MP Camera sensor in the Pro Models.

Dynamic Island (Pill Shaped Cutout) in the iPhone 14 Pro Models

iphone 14 pro dynamic island specdecoder

The iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max got all the bells and whistles. The very first thing you will notice in these models is the “Dynamic Island”. It is a Pill shape cutout, Does a pretty good job hiding the selfie camera and Face ID sensor but also acts as a secondary notification window. “Dynamic Island” is always on top, no matter what app you are using. It’s a whole new way to interact with notification. So finally, Apple took the ugly cutout and made it functional.

48MP Camera of iPhone 14 Pro Models

The 48MP camera sensor is the biggest upgrade in these iPhones. Triple lens setup as before but this time the main camera is 48MP (Quad Pixel). Telephoto and Ultra Wide cameras are 12MP. The 48MP camera has quad pixel sensor which will improve details and reduce noise. Much wider f/1.78 aperture will let lot more lights in allowing the 14 Pro models perform better in low light. The Telephoto zooms are bumped to 3X which is definitely a good upgrade.

iphone 14 pro 48mp main camera at specdecoder

Big upgrades in the camera hardware’s but they also did it for the software as well. The iPhone 14 Pro takes computational photography even further with “Photonic Engine”. It takes multiple photos and does some magic and makes them better. Apple is claiming that, these devices will take 3 times better photos in low light than previous models. In the Video section, Cinematic mode now supports 4K 24fps and 4K 30fps. There is a new mode called “Action Mode”. It makes video ultra steady but drops resolution from 4K to 2.8K.

Satellite Connectivity on iPhone 14 Lineup

The iPhone 14’s got satellite connectivity for SOS, which is very useful feature to have. Areas where you don’t have any cellular connection but you still need to send a message, this feature will allow you to talk to the satellites and get your message sent. Satellite connectivity is pretty difficult, requires powerful antennas, clear view of the sky and you have to point directly to the satellite.

Apples emergency sos via satellite from specdecoder

But Apple has managed to built required antennas and a piece of UI in where it will actually help you point directly at a satellite. This feature will help you send emergency SOS message through satellite. Messages will be compressed to reduce size, smaller sized messages can be transferred faster. So within 30 seconds to one or two minutes it can send a message even if you have no cellular connectivity. This feature will be available only in USA and Canada for now and this service will be free for two years.