PS4 Controller Not Charging - Fix

By Ariyan Mahmud
10 September, 2023
7 months ago
8 Mins Read

The PS4 controller can be plugged into the USB port or used wirelessly. It occasionally doesn't charge, making use impossible. There are several causes for why it won't charge. Read on to learn what they are and what you can try to fix it.

PS4 Controller Not Holding Charge

When your PS4 controller not charging at all, it could be physical damage or hardware issue. Here are some common cases:

  • PlayStation problems
  • Cable problem
  • A damaged USB port
  • Hardware problem

The console may have contracted a bug that prevents it from charging your controller. This can be resolved by power cycling, resetting, then updating the console.

The USB cable can be worn out or harmed because wires do ultimately break down with time. Additionally, some wires from third parties can't be used to recharge the PS4 controller.

Your USB port might be damaged, so try plugging it into another. It could be the battery or the charging port malfunctioning. Fortunately, it is easy to replace either part.

PS4 Controller Not Charging & No Light

The indicator light will gradually change from white to amber to show that the PS4 controller is charging once it is plugged into the gaming system. If it doesn't, nothing is happening, then it won't happen.

You can try plugging the controller into another device, such as your computer, to help identify the source if the controller occasionally has trouble charging directly from the console. You can rule out the console as the issue if charging is still failed when done with an other source.

Considering these solutions:

Swap the Charging Cable

The cable could be the problem. If possible, try a different cable or use the same cable to charge a different controller. Look for physical indications of damage as well, such as fraying on the cable or accumulation of dirt in the plug.

Inspect the Charging Port

The power flow could be blocked by buildup of dust or debris, preventing your controller from charging. Use a microfiber cloth after using compressed air in order to remove the dust. A soft brush or a wooden toothpick are alternatives.

The only other solution is to replace the port if cleaning it doesn't work and you're certain that it's the source of the issue. How? Read on.

1. Disassemble the controller 
Sony PlayStation Controller disassemble at SpecDecoder

2. Unscrew the charging port board
Unscrew the charging port board

3. Disconnect the cable that joins the charging port board to the main board
Disconnect the cable

4. Install the new port

The procedure is quite simple. To save time and money, you must first confirm that the charging port is broken.

Charge the Controller Upside Down

This odd fix might be of help, though. To charge the controller, try turning it over. This aids in cleaning the charging port's dust. Or, if the cable has a disconnect, turning it upside down can provide a temporary solution.

Reset the Controller

The connection between the console and the controller can occasionally be harmed by a random bug. Try resetting your device first.

1. Switch off the PlayStation 4.
Switch off the PlayStation 4

2. Disconnect your controller and the PS4.
Disconnect your controller and the PS4

3. On the back of your controller, beneath the “L2,” find the “reset” button.
Reset PS4 Controller

4. Take a pin or a similar tool to press the button inside, then hold for at least five seconds.

5. Reconnect the controller to the console using the USB cable.

6. Finally Plug in the PS4, then push the PS button.

If it was successful, the front light bar will first turn blue before gradually changing from white to amber. If not, move on to the following solution.

Fix the Controller

Follow these steps to try repairing the controller.

1. Power on your PS4

2. Go to “Settings” and “Devices.”

3. Choose “Turn off devices.”

4. Switch off the console.

5. To reset the controller, use a pin to push its reset button for at least five seconds.

6. Switch the console on, then connect the controller using the USB cable.

7. Push the PS button on the controller, then try charging the controller again.

Reset and Update

Still no result? Next, we will integrate the previously mentioned ideas for a more thorough strategy.

1. Switch on the PS4. Select “Settings,” then “Devices.”

2. Choose “Turn off device.” You’ll be taken to a screen displaying the option to shut down “All” peripherals or particular ones.

3. Choose “All.”

4. Use the power button to switch off the console. Unplug the console for at least one minute, then long-press the power button for at least 30 seconds.

5.Use a pin to press the reset button on the controller.

6. Connect the controller to the console using the USB plug.

7. Switch on the PS4. Go to “Settings,” then choose “System Software Update.”

8. If the option to “Update Now” is available, select it.

9. Click “Next” once the update downloads.

10. Finally, Allow the console to do what’s necessary to complete the update.

Once the update is complete, try charging the controller again.

Note: The PS4’s firmware does not need updating like the Xbox controller.


Should my PS4 controller light up when charging?

While charging, the light bar will gradually change from white to amber. The light will turn off when it is done. When the charger is turned off and in rest mode, the light bar ought should gently flash orange.

How can I make my PS4 controller last longer?

Here's how to extend the time between charges for your PS4 controller's battery.

Disable vibration

Although it might slightly reduce your game experience, turning off the vibration is the best method to conserve battery life. Here's a guide for turning off vibration.

  • Go to “Settings,” “Devices,” “Controllers,” and “Enable vibration,” then deselect the box.

Reduce the light bar

Decrease the brightness on the lightbar.

  • Go to “Settings,” “Devices,” and “Brightness,” then reduce the brightness by setting it to the lowest choice.

Can I charge my PS4 controller from a wall power outlet?

Yes, a USB wall charger may be used to charge your PS4 controller. To make sure the charger is compatible, first check the output.