Logitech G502 Hero: The Best Gaming Mouse for PC Gamers

By Ashiqur R.
29 August, 2022
1 year ago
8 Mins Read

Logitech G502 Hero, is one of the best choices in the gaming or high-performance mouse category.

Logitech is considered a brand of trust. It never disappoints its user with any of its products. From the build to performance, quality is ensured in all aspects. And there come the Logitech G-series products, which are specifically designed for high performance, and most people use them for precision designing and gaming purposes for their high DPI support. We are going to review it after 1 year of regular use.

logitech g502 hero price amazon

logitech g502 amazon

Style and shape: Logitech G502 Hero has an esthetic gaming look with keen angles. Also, it has a very short amount of RGB lighting for certain purposes. There are three (3) thin LED bars specifically denoting the DPI range selection. The light bars increase or decrease with the press of DPI buttons and the other LED is a Logitech G branding. The ergonomic shape feels so comfortable in the hand palm. The entire body is matt finished though the buttons are glossy finished. On the both (left and right) sides there is a rubber grip which really works excellent when grabbing the mouse.

Specification of Logitech G502 Hero:

  • Dimension: 5.20 x 2.95 x 1.6 in (132 x 75 x 40 mm)
  • Weight: 4.27 oz (121 g), mouse only
  • Optional extra weights: up to 18 g (0.18 x 0.13oz (5x 3.6 g))
  • Cable length: 6.89ft (2.1 m)0 m
  • Sensor: HERO™
  • Resolution: 100 – 25,600 dpi
  • Zero smoothing/acceleration/filtering
  • Max. acceleration: >1.41 oz (40 g)
  • Max. speed: >400 IPS
  • USB data format: 16 bits/axis
  • USB report rate: 1000Hz (1ms)
  • Microprocessor: 32-bit ARM
  • PTFE Feet: >250 kilometers 3
  • Onboard memory: Up to 5 profiles (requires firmware 127.1.7)
  • LIGHTSYNC RGB: 1 zone

What's inside of the box?

  • G502 HERO Gaming Mouse
  • Optional 5x 3.6 g weights and Case
  • User documentation
  • 2-year limited hardware warranty

Build quality: The build of the Logitech G502 Hero is pretty solid. There is a small wobble effect on the mouse wheel because of its Left-Right tilt feature and that’s a pretty common issue for the mouse which supports the L/R tilt feature. Other buttons felt very compact as well. After a long time of usage, no palm pain was felt, obviously because of its ergonomic design. The sound it generates when clicking on the buttons feels not clicky and exact. The lower panel of the mouse is detachable and it is placed using a magnet installed on the body of it which is just awesome.

logitech g502 amazon

Control and other: All of the buttons of the Logitech G502 Hero used in the mouse are mechanical and there are in total thirteen (13) buttons present in this mouse. Three (3) buttons are situated on the left side of the mouse. The eleven (11) buttons are fully programmable using the G-Hub studio suite. The wheel has two (2) modes for multiple purposes, one is Notched Wheel and another one is Free Wheel. The freewheel has been introduced so that for long scrolling or gaming, the user doesn’t have to penetrate too much. You can lock the freewheel with a dedicated button installed on top of the mouse just near the wheel.

Logitech G502 Hero has a built-in memory feature, enabling you can save your custom profile and can switch among computers without changing the settings. The onboard memory option can be turned off if not necessary. Also, the settings can be altered such as the start-up effect and DPI lighting.


Light sync option: The RGB can be customized according to numerous color ranges. The effect can be controlled and in fact, there are five (5) effects that are Fixed, Cycle, Breathing [fading in and out], Screen sampler[any content on the monitor can be color synced to your mouse RGB], and Audio Visualizer (sync the RGB lighting according to the audio output coming from the computer, which is cool in one word). On top of that, the glowing rate and brightness can also be customized using the G-Hub application, which comes for both Mac OS and Windows OS. In my personal opinion, the light sync is really a cool feature, because I can customize the RGB maintaining the room vibe.

logitech g502 gaming mouse price

Logitech G Hub: From the upper photos, you can clearly see that there are tons of customizable options offered by the suite. The mouse polling rate is another customizable option offered in G Hub. In G Hub it is known as Report Rate, which is basically how many times in a second your mouse is sending data to your computer and it is important when you’re using the device for high-performance operation and don’t want the data or movement to be lagged. You can select between 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz. [Here, 500Hz means in every second the mouse will report 500 times to your computer].

logitech g502 hero price amazon

Conclusion: Logitech G502 Hero is one of the best gaming mice among all other devices in this price range and you should really go for it if your budget fits. From the look to overall performance, we will rate it 8.8 out of 10. For games like PUBG, Valorant, Apex Legends, Halo Infinite, Call of Duty: Vanguard, Quake (2021) Black Mesa, Doom Eternal, Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Half-Life 2, this mouse won’t disappoint you in terms of top-notch performance.


  • Smooth performance
  • Feels great inside palm
  • Excellent scrolling feature
  • Customizable buttons and RGB
  • One of the best sensor (HERO™) on the market


  • Prone to accidental misclicks because of dense buttons

You can use this mouse for high-performance activities like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or AutoCAD or you can also use it for high-precision gaming by enabling higher DPI settings. In the end, the Logitech G502 Hero is not designed just for gaming only, as from the freewheel feature we can say this mouse is also fit for official operation as well.