Is it okay to charge your phone from laptop or desktop computer?

By Ashiqur R.
19 March, 2022
2 years ago
4 Mins Read

Charging your phone is badly in need of emergency and if you don’t have the travel adapter or power bank with you at that moment then what is the best way to charge your phone? We heard a lot of people charge their phone by laptop or desktop computer, but is it healthy for your device or not, we’re going to break it down.

Description: We all know there are a few USB connectivity options that come with every laptop device or desktop computer. The power supply a computer uses is highly filtered and supplies a very standard amount of current by the ports. Mostly a USB supplies 5V-0.5A which is around 2.5W of power. Nowadays few of the laptops/desktop logic board supplies current up to 0.9A which supplies up to 4.5W of power, which is very decent and can run more or less every devices which are compatible with USB ports.

As mentioned before, the power that comes from a USB port is highly filtered and much appropriate, so in case you need to charge your phone badly and don’t have both of power bank or the travel adapter then you may use a laptop or desktop computer to charge your phone. It may take more time than your travel adapter or power bank takes to fully charge your device, but it’ll work for sure.

Conclusion: So, the next time, when you’re going to charge your device via laptop or desktop computer doesn’t hesitate and plug it in.