Effect of heat in smartphone's performance! Is it really that bad ?

By Ashiqur R.
18 March, 2022
2 years ago
4 Mins Read

Gaming phones are nothing but high performance devices. For gaming the device must have a high configuration CPU (Central Processing Unit) & GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and Faster RAM along with storage. But when we talk about processing high amount of data then heat generates due to high current flow inside both in CPU & GPU core. Let’s talk about it.

When we play games with high graphics or play any inline multiplayer games then at a time CPU, CPU, Network unit, Display, RAM, Storage and few other sensors works combined. At this time, a lot of heat comes out of CPU and GPU cores due to high load data processing. Though mobile processors are designed in such way so that very less amount of heat generates than desktop processors and others, but still for few specific brands/models have to sacrifice this parameter when dealing with designing or fabrication. 

So basically, when heat arises inside a core then the internal thermal sensor reads the data and activates an instruction set which helps the processor to cool down by reducing its performance and it is known as “Thermal Throttling”. It actually reduces current clock speed of a CPU which technically reduces high data processing capability. For these phenomena we notice so many changes in a running program/game such as: frame count reduces, the frame sampling can get shut down, the picture quality can fall, frame by frame movement can get shaky (not smooth) and so on. This is how processors/cores reduces its current temperature & restore its optimum power.

It’s always better to find a phone which doesn’t heat up too much, obviously it depends on specific processor models and phone manufacturer. Because it only depends on how much effort a brand is putting in Research and Development of those specific devices. So,, before buying any flagship killer or any gaming devices, always keep these things in consideration. Hope your next gaming phone will be a master-piece.