BlackBerry officially shutting down?

By Ashiqur R.
19 March, 2022
2 years ago
5 Mins Read

Whenever we heard of BlackBerry something hit on minds like a classic QWERTY keyboard attached to devices for the best user experience of chatting and Messaging. Now it is a bad news for all the BlackBerry lovers out there. After January 4, there will be no more updates will come to BlackBerry Android or BBOS (BlackBerry OS) support. BlackBerry had been manufacturing mobile devices for more than two (2) decades. After the complete shutdown of the devices, there will be no more services including text, voice call, data, and also no emergency 9-1-1 function.

BBM was one of the most popular chatting applications among all the current. It was designed depending on the best user experience along with top-notch security protocols. Kim Kardashian used to have multiple BlackBerry devices in case one gets broke. US President Barrack Obama refused to leave his Blackberry when he left the white house. BBM got shut down back in 2019. BBM had also released both iOS and Android apps for different hardware users.

Lately, we’ve noticed it is having little trouble to cope up with the current speed of the most advanced open source-based Android OS. Where everyone is focusing more on their own UI/UX, then BlackBerry is a few steps behind all these things.

BlackBerry also joins the league now where Microsoft, LG, and Sony-Erricson are. Blackberry had trouble adapting to the new smartphone generation, while other new brands are already ranked on the market and improving day by day, Blackberry was still trying to get into the race but as the OS architecture is completely different so for most of the app support it had to redirect to other third-party app stores such as Amazon App Store. When it was started running the Android OS, Blackberry shifted its hardware zone to TCL.

BlackBerry tried different approaches to keep alive in the market. Remember SurePress? It used to provide a kind of clicky effect on the main display to provide haptic feedback. Well, it didn’t go as expected. But it has to be said, BlackBerry made a completely different phone back in 2013, which was BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Z30. From a very personal opinion, we can say, these two were as handy and compact as a mobile device should be. Nowadays phones are getting bigger and bigger day by day as it is trying to touch the tablet genre.

backberry z10 image in article blackberry shut down officially

The media feature was not that great in BlackBerry devices as it was based on business use. For professional use, BlackBerry is still in the first place, because of its BlackBerry Hub. When comparing the camera in between smartphones then BlackBerry was not doing that great, it might be one of the key reason user nowadays are losing interest in its devices. Nowadays, people like to do all sorts of things on one device, and if it is a mobile device that can be carried easily from one place to another then why not!

BlackBerry stopped manufacturing devices still it has the other product which is QNX, which is a commercially used UNIX like RTOS (Real-time operating system). It has been used in many famous and popular automobile and automation companies. In production factories, RTOS-based services are using dependent on QNX, though Android, Linux, and Windows are still its competitor QNX is ensuring the optimum efficiency among all.

Anyway, we also didn’t expect BlackBerry will quit the game like this. It was one of the oldest mobile manufacturers of all time. Still, few of us expect Blackberry to come again with its classic QWERTY keyboard layouts.