Best location to place Wi-Fi router !

By Ashiqur R.
18 March, 2022
2 years ago
5 Mins Read

We live in an era where Wi-Fi has become a matter of obvious. Where we move it could be office, home, shopping, eating, Wi-Fi is one of the most important and key factors of all, why? Because that’s how we keep ourselves connected to the network or internet except for Mobile Data. But we all have noticed even though the service provider allows having higher speed on the connection, still it doesn’t seem that fast as they promise. One of the key reasons could be the location where you set your Wi-Fi router. Because of wireless signals like BlueTooth, Wi-Fi gets distracted and interfered with by walls or any kind of blocks. So, let’s find out how you get the optimum output from a Wi-Fi router.

Types of routes: If you’re using an old Wi-Fi router in your place, then my friend, we suggest you use the latest technology router which is 802.11ac, and have 2.4GHz or 5GHz compatibility or both of them. Router with minimum data transmission speed can also lower the connection speed, to get rid of that you have to use the mesh loop. This means if you place a router on one side of your house and another side is not getting the signal or has only one bar then you can connect a repeater which could increase the signal strength and allow you to taste the full speed of the connection that you’re getting from your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Center position: If your house is in between 1500-2000 SQFT, then place the router in a middle place from where more or less every room has an equal distance so that you can the same signal from all the rooms or locations.

Best location: Radio signals get weakened by the walls and blocks, it can pass through for sure but won’t give you the speed as much as you should get. So, make sure if you need to use the router for high-speed works then place it in the workroom.

Never do this: Never place your Wireless router near any Microwave Oven. Because the frequency your router works on is 2.4GHz which is also the same for a Microwave oven, which can interfere with your Wi-Fi signal and reduce the signal strength drastically. So, if you’re using your microwave constantly and need a better Wi-Fi signal at the same time, then place your router far from the microwave oven, so that it doesn’t hamper your internet speed.

Antenna: The router may have single or multiple antennas. Usually, Wi-Fi antennas are Omnidirectional. That means it spreads its signal all around it. So, if you have two antennas in your router then place them in a different direction than one. i.e.: if one antenna is in the vertical direction, place the other one in a horizontal location. In that case, you’ll get the best efficiency from the router.

Up or down: If your router is placed in a lower position like on a floor or near a flower pot then move it in an upward direction and place/hang it in a little upper place so that you can get signal in full strength. As I mentioned already, Wi-Fi signals get weakened by the blocks.

2.4 GHz and 5 GHz confusion: Nowadays more or less every device has both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz support. In simple words, 2.4GHz spreads signal in a broad area with average signal strength where 5GHz allows you to receive the signal in a smaller area at high-speed. So, they are in a vice-versa relationship. So, if you want to sacrifice the coverage area and focus more on having faster speed then you might go for 5GHz but if your concern is to have an average speed with high coverage then you’ll have to use the 2.4GHz band.

We hope by following the previous methods, you can achieve the full accessibility of a wireless router and achieve far more speed than usual. Please let us know if you’re facing any other problems except these mentioned topics, our engineers will assist you in a way more efficient way and may be of help. Thank you for reading the article. Have a blessed day!