Make a bootable USB Drive for Windows 10 in Rufus!

By Ashiqur R.
19 March, 2022
2 years ago
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Installing an operating system was always one of kind of most basic things in computers. Because without the operating system a desktop or laptop computer is nothing but a bunch of hardware. Usually, there are several types of operating systems are out there in the industry such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Ubuntu, Android, and so on. Among all these Windows is the one of the most used operating system around the world because of its wide range of supportability. There are several versions of Windows that we know of, such as Windows 98, Windows XP (officially most used OS), Windows 7, Windows 8 (discontinued), Windows 10, and now we got even Windows 11 (the most advanced and efficient). Previously, we used to install Windows OS from a CD/DVD, and that was kind of a mess in one word. Because the DVD burner had to struggle a lot to read data from the disc if it had a lot of scratches and few other physical damages. But nowadays very few or nobody uses the disc to install the windows operating system because it used to draw a lot of time to read the data from the disc. In today's generation, most desktop or laptop computer doesn't even have a DVD burner. So, the most used method is installing Windows OS from a tiny flash drive or a pen drive, or a thumb drive. The great advantage of this method is, it is way faster than the CDs, because of the high data transmission speed of flash storage technology. Data can be read in a much faster way from a USB drive than CDs. All you have to do is to check the basic requirement and follow a few steps to make a USB drive bootable for the operating system. There are a few software that can be found online and are free to use by using which you can make a USB drive bootable and make the whole process easier.

How to make the USB bootable using Rufus:

Step-1: Insert your USB drive which is at least 8 GB or more.

Step-2: Download the Rufus software from this link: open it by clicking on (Download Rufus) it.

Step-3: On the top, you’ll notice a section named “Device” >> Select the USB drive (which you just inserted a while ago and is supposed to be a bootable device)

usb drive showing on rufus software

Step-4: Go to “Boot Selection” and select the type of setup file, for Windows it is “Disk or ISO image” file format. If you’re using Free-DOS then use Free-DOS from the dropdown.

boot selection menu in rufus tutorial

Step-5: Now already you’re supposed to have the setup file downloaded to your hard drive, click on the “SELECT” button and select that “.iso” file.

windows os .iso file showing on rufus tutorial

Step-6: Now the most important thing is to select the partition type that you have on the targeted computer. To check that, use the shortcut key “Windows + R” to open the Run option. Now type “cmd” to open the command terminal.

command terminal on windows os showing on rufus tutorial

As you can see in the image a black terminal window will appear. Type “diskpart”, it’ll ask for authorization, click on Yes to proceed next.

diskpart command in windows os terminal showing in rufus tutorial

Now another black terminal window will appear, just simply type “list disk”. Now all the drives will appear.

list disk command in windows command terminal showing in rufus tutorial

Check at the right side just like shown in the image and identify whether you have a GPT or MBR type. (*) denotes the partition type of the drive.

partition type in windows command terminal showing in rufus tutorial

Step-7: Select the exact Partition Scheme as you found; otherwise different partition types won’t be compatible with each other.

selecting the partition type in rufus to make a usb bootable drive

Step-8: Skip all the boxes shown and click on the START button to simply start the process of burning the setup file to the USB drive.

start button in rufus tutorial

Now it’ll take some time to process the setup file. After accomplishing the entire process successfully it’ll show READY (in a green rectangle box).

progress in rufus usb bootable making process

Click on the CLOSE button to close the Rufus.

close button in rufus tutorial

That means you’re ready to go. Now follow the basic stuff of installing the Windows OS.

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